Hi Dear friend We will be off duty during the Chinese Spring Festival , it starts from 20th Jan to 1st Feb , back to work on 2nd Feb .14th Jan will be the last day to purchase orders and 18th Jan will be the last day to send parcels .Thank you for your notice and sorry for any inconvenience it may bring .Happy New Year &all the best wishes to you. Yours sincerely Basetao team

Self Help Order Service:

  1. If the search bar order function is not working ,please use self help order function to make the order manually .
  2. For orders from 1688.com ,wechat ,yupoo,imgur.com and other websites,please also use self help order function to make the order.
  3. for wechat/yupoo order ,please leave a note about the seller's contact information.
  4. For wechat/yupoo seller ,please make sure the seller can be trusted ,Basetao would not take any responsiblity if the seller scams.
(With * is required to fill in.)



are there any prohibited items Basetao dose not support to purchase ?


Knives,pure battery,imitation brand,food,liquid,powder,chemical substances,flammable and explosive,animal and plant speciments can not be purchased by Basetao.Please make sure the above goods do not contain your order merchandise.